about-wendy-makGrow your small biz!

If you’re a solo woman entrepreneur looking for little gems of wisdom to grow your biz, you’re definitely in the right place!

Whether you’re new to business or left your day job a while ago, I know what it’s like to be a solo entrepreneur.


You have SO much passion + brilliance to offer the world, and you want to stay inspired, motivated and learn what you should do to make your business GREAT.


That’s why you’re here. Think of me as your business buddy. Your go-to-guide to entrepreneurship.


You see, I’ve been exactly where you are – and sharing small, bite-sized nuggets of wisdom to start & grow your biz is now my passion. Making sure you’re never alone on your entrepreneurship journey is what this blog is all about!


From learning how to market your business, staying inspired + motivated, to fabulous fashion and living a whole, well life – you’ll find it here.

You Me   Your Stylish & Successful Biz!

I started this blog because I’ve made that big leap from soul-destroying desk job to successful entrepreneur + expert in my own right.


My entrepreneurship story started when in just a few short years, without any formal background in fashion, I went from working in financial services to being known as a national media commentator on fashion.


I built two really successfully businesses – one as a personal stylist and the other in training other women to become stylists themselves.


Then people started to pay me to speak at big events. The media regularly came to me for my opinion + expertise. I wrote a book about creating the ultimate mix-and-match wardrobe (you can still buy it from Kindle here!). In short, I’d suddenly become the go-to-expert in my field.


So I began to retrace my steps to success, and created a 6-step home-study program called Smart, Savvy & Rich to help teach other women entrepreneurs how to do the same >>> which is to take their brilliance + be seen as THE go-to-expert in their own fields.


But this journey wasn’t easy.


I look back at all the things I wish I had known. Stuff I wish someone had told me about. The words of comfort + inspiration that would have meant the world to me.


And that’s how this blog was born!


Don’t expect Academy award or Pulitzer prize-winning posts here, but if you like to learn useful stuff and having a laugh along the way, you’ll probably enjoy this blog. (Don’t forget to sign up above to get my free weekly updates!)


Today, I blog for women just like you – women who want to make a difference, not just slog it out for someone else, and start stylish, successful businesses + lifestyles.



wendy-speakerSpeaker & Author

Many long years ago, I threw in the towel on my corporate life as a senior marketer for large financial companies, to pursue my passion as a fashion stylist.


I learnt how to become known as “the” go-to-expert in my industry – using 6 key steps  – to cultivate a tribe of raving fans and build credibility as the trusted influence in my niche.


Today I speak on a variety of topics, including fashion, style, personal brand, career dressing, through to entrepreneurship, motivation and my signature talk on how you can be seen as THE go-to-expert in your field.


(I always promise presentations filled with clever info, actionable take-aways, wit, humour and tact. If your peeps aren’t laughing & loving every minute of a session with me, I’ll eat my favourite pair of Jimmy Choo’s!!!).

If you’re interested, here’s my professional bio!

(aka as my “corporate days”)

Formally trained in marketing & commerce, I graduated with merit from the University of NSW in Sydney, Australia. I then spent more than a decade working for the “big boys” in telecommunications and finance, rising to become head of the marketing department for a GE business in Australia & New Zealand.

(That was a long time ago… when my clothes were still teeny tiny!)


wendy-designSmitten With Style is born.

My first biz was a fashion styling service for women. It grew to become the first national agency-style concept for personal styling in Australia, for the everyday woman.


Because I was able to establish my credibility as an expert (and in a short time), this biz grew beyond my wildest dreams – culminating with appearances on national TV such as Channel 7, Channel 10 and mags like Cosmopolitan and Shop Til You Drop.


(As a stylist I learnt how to hide all my lumps & bumps whenever I dressed. BEST job perk ever!)


I also started professionally speaking at various events including the Australian Institute of Office Professionals, the National EA & PA Conference and for corporates such as PWC, Westpac, Nokia, American Express, CBA, McGrath and others.

2010Smitten Styling Academy Australia was founded.

This was my 2nd business – offering personal stylist training courses in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. I’ve now trained more than 250 women how start their own businesses as fashion stylists themselves.

With so many stylists in the industry now having been trained by me, I’m affectionately called the “godmother of stylists”.

(Thankfully they don’t call me the GRAND-MA of stylists!!! Yet.)

2010My first book Terrific Thirty – 1000 Outfits From 30 Pieces was written and launched. (Mammoth effort!!)

By the grace of the fashion gods it was featured in Channel 7’s Morning Show, New Idea, Swiish by Sally Obermeder, i98FM, Woman’s Day and Channel 10 News.

(I also started this blog late in 2012,
and boy what a ride it’s been…)


wendy-sittingMy first home learning program for women entrepreneurs Smart, Savvy & Rich launched in October 2013.


Because everybody loves (and buys from) an expert, Smart, Savvy & Rich teaches solo women entrepreneurs how to get more clients by becoming a credible, go-to-expert in your field in just 6-steps.

My focus today is creating additional home-study programs like Smart, Savvy & Rich and to continue connecting with women just like you on this blog!

Thanks for taking the time to drop by + feel free to drop me a note to say hi!!