10 ways to change your look for less than $50

One of my most common style mantras is never stay dull. It’s often so easy to lose your “fashion mojo” (believe me, I’ve seen it first hand with my clients) and fall into a rut of wearing the same thing or same brand over and over again.

Next thing you know, BOOM! You’re wearing the same ratty tee and shorts everyone – even though you’ve been saying that you’ll replace them for something a bit more stylish for at least the past year.

Changing your look is critical to your fashion mojo. To look contemporary you’ve got to stay up-to-date. The good news is I’ve got 10 ways to change your look for under $50 so you can look on trend without the celeb budget!

1. Add a ring for a stacked effect

This season, we’re wearing multiple rings. In fact, we’re stacking everything from rings to bracelets!

Whichever takes your fancy, buy a couple of costume rings and add that next to your existing ring or even on top for a truly stacked effect! It’s a super cheap and cheerful way to look totally on-point this season.

Stacked bracelets and rings are on-trend this season

2. Change your lip colour

A super easy fix, a new lipstick is a quick way to change your look – especially if you’ve been sporting the same lippy for years.

And because the world is starting to embrace all things vegan, check out Kat Von D’s new range of all vegan lipsticks hitting stores soon!

Try a bold new colour (like this lipstick from Kat Von D)


3. Add a scarf

If you have a bunch of wardrobe staples that you regularly rotate (ala The Capsule Wardrobe) then you’ll know that I’m a huge fan of a scarf.

A scarf brings instant magic to your outfit.

It adds colour. It draws attention to your beautiful face. It also adds a new dimension to one of your regular outfits on the cheap and is easy to find. What more can you ask for??

Add an instant new look to your outfit with a scarf. This scarf is from Jeanswest


4. Trendy sunglasses

For the total diva look, a pair of uber-trendy sunglasses are the perfect statement. Be adventurous with this as it really is a trend look. Try a new shape or style of frame (always wear metal frames? Try a plastic!) or colour.

My best tip is to take a selfie in the store of you with your new sunnies and that’ll show you what you really look like with your new shades on (rather than peering through the shades).

Have some fun and change your frames


5. Change the shape of your outfit

Sometimes we fall in to the trap of wearing the same silhouette or shape all the time. For example, I’m normally someone who wears a pencil skirt or shift style dress. 

Last year I made an effort to wear more A-line skirts – to ensure my look stays current and not same-same 🙂


6. Grab anything in straw

If you haven’t gotten on board with this season’s “IT” bag, then you simply must!

It’s a brilliantly low-cost way to look on-trend. Grab any bag or clutch in straw and sashay out the door.

(Even your teenage daughter will wonder how her mum got so chic!)

Bag from Sportsgirl


7. Add an illuminator to your make up

An illuminator is like magic drops for your face.

They add a brightness and glow to your make up, leaving a dewy, soft effect. If you’ve been dabbling with the same foundation or make-up for years, a few drops of these will change your look instantly.

Lit From Within drops from Mecca

8. Get a fringe

If you’re brave enough, a fringe (or bangs) is a dramatic but very on-trend way to change your look.

It’s not for everyone, but with the right face shape a fringe is very “now”.

If you’re not feeling brave enough you can always dabble with a long side fringe.


9. Buy one statement coloured piece

Haven’t added anything truly bold to your wardrobe for a while? Take your $50 and buy just ONE (truly) statement piece.

Whether is a statement coloured top or a new red clutch, inject some fun into your wardrobe with a new stand-out item.

A bold statement colour adds instant wow


10. Wear big earrings

Got a plain old outfit? Add instant bang with a bold, big earring.

They can be intimidating to wear but they’re super cheap to pick up and this season we’re seeing bold, colourful earrings with pom poms and tassels a key feature. I promise this is a great way to change your look, and frame your stunning face.

Try these statement earrings from Sportsgirl


Enjoy these 10 ways to change your look for less and remember – experiment a little. Life is too short to stay dull 🙂

With wardrobe happiness,






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