Mix & Match: 12 Items, 30 Easy Looks For Work or Play

A note from Wendy: This post was first published in 2014. Inspired by the concept of creating multiple outfits from just 30 capsule pieces, ‘m super excited to announce in January 2017 you will be able to get your hands on my book The Capsule Wardrobe. Send me a note here to let me know your details & interest, and be the first to find out where you can get your copy!


In this day and age everyone is looking for value from your wardrobe. Including me!

It’s hard as a stylist to balance the pressure always looking tip top, when you haven’t got the Rachel Zoe income!

As career or business women, I’m sure many of you share my pain and are in the same boat!


That is where I came up with the idea of having just 30 capsule pieces that you can wear all the time, but never in the same way.

So I’m devoting today’s post on the principles behind how to mix & match your wardrobe – so you can do MORE with LESS!


Thanks again to the amazing Tanya (remember her from our dressing for your curves Masterclasses?):

Here’s 11 of the 30 looks I’ve created from 12 pieces of clothing, to get your fashion inspiration going!

There’s definitely more than just these 11 outfits, especially when you consider the jeans and white pants could easily be paired with any of the tops in the images below, but to be honest I ran out of steam taking photos!!! 🙂 (Hats off to all you photographers out there!!!)


First let’s take a look at some of these outfits:

13 04 09 Curvestastic Terrific Thirty Plus Size skirts blazers


13 04 09 Curvestastic Terrific Thirty Plus Size Pants Jeans Top


13 04 09 Curvestastic Terrific Thirty Plus Size Work Weekend skirt


13 04 09 Curvetastic Terrific Thirty Dress Plus Size

Now let’s talk about how you can learn to mix & match like a powerhouse fashionista too!

There are 2 key tips to effective mixing & matching like in the outfits above:

1. Reflect “light” and “dark”

Your wardrobe needs to basically have two sets of very similar pieces – but one set will be in “lighter” colours and fabrics for Spring / Summer, and another in “darker”, heavier fabrics for Autumn/ Winter.

For example – a pair of trousers in both a lighter beige, light grey or khaki, and another in black, navy or deep charcoal.

This will ensure you always have something appropriate no matter what the season / weather!

2. A balance of “basics” and “frills”

This is literally, the “icing” and “cake” philosophy. Your wardrobe needs to have enough basics / staples (the vanilla cake base) so you have lots of items in neutral, basic colours that all easily match each other, AND enough interesting, trend pieces (the icing on the cake) in fun, accent colours to keep your outfits looking fresh, modern and up-to-date!

As always, if you have enjoyed this post please share it with your network + let me know your fashion thoughts in the comments area below!


With wardrobe happiness,





Written By Wendy Mak

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4 thoughts on “Mix & Match: 12 Items, 30 Easy Looks For Work or Play

  1. michaela

    What label are the tops and dress please? Would like to buy something similar.
    Thank you for so much inspiration.


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