3 Keys To Become A Personal Stylist

When it comes to creating your career as a personal stylist, there’s nothing more valuable than hearing from someone who’s had success as a stylist — which is exactly who Rachel Worden is!


Rachel Worden is the founder of Ruby Slippers Styling, a personal styling agency that helps women of all ages, shapes and budgets find a look that works for them.


Her obsession is all things stripy, with a bigger obsession for chocolate and the biggest for her son Oscar (apart from when he pulls the sequins off her jacket and eats them)!



I’m collaborating with Rachel on two exciting new projects – a 1-day workshop for personal stylists, and an online style program for women to style themselves for life – no matter what their size!!!


Today, for the aspiring stylists amongst us – Rachel shares the 3 keys to become a personal stylist that you need to know.


1. Never stop learning

It’s hard when you are flying solo, but fashion and styling is constantly evolving and you need to move with it to keep your clients looks up to date.

The good news is research is work, so don’t feel guilty about reading fashion magazines, spending time on Instagram or creating you fav looks on Pinterest. It’s all helping you become a better stylist.


2. Try everything on

 This is one of those spend the time up front, and save time down the road scenarios!

Yes, it’s a bit time consuming trying things on (especially if you don’t love it yourself!), but once you know how one brand fits versus another brand, when you nip in with a client you’ll be able to go straight for the right size and knowledgeably talk about the fit – which creates instant trust with a client.


3. Push your style boundaries

You’re a walking advertisement for your business – so not only do you need to look the part but you need to take a few risks trying on some different styles, colours and looks. You need to be inspiring for your clients!!

We’re helping our clients by encouraging them to try new things all the time, so we should take some notice of our own advice!


Join Rachel and I in Sydney on 6 Feb 2016 for a one-day workshop for all budding, future and aspiring personal stylists! Get all the details here.

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