30 Pieces, 30 Days Capsule Challenge

With August around the corner, I am launching the August 30 Pieces, 30 Days Capsule Challenge!

For those that have been living The Capsule Wardrobe lifestyle already (or even in part) – this is our chance to live and breathe it together.

If you’re new to this concept of mixing and matching just a few essentials to create your ultimate Capsule Wardrobe, I’ll show you how to do this throughout the month of August.


30 Pieces, 30 Days Capsule Challenge


Below you’ll find a list of my 30 essentials – this is based on a Sydney winter but you can modify the list to best suit your current climate and location. I’ll be posting my daily outfits¬†created from these basics (with a healthy dose of accessorising)!

5 x skirts (I am loving skirts right now but feel free to swap a couple of these for trousers if this is your preference)
– black leather
– basic black
– soft pleated
– white skirt
– statement skirt

2 x jeans (black and blue wash)

6 x knits
– charcoal
– cream
– light mauve
– dusty pink
– sparkly
– black

1 x bodysuit (watch how versatile this is over the next month!!)

1 x statement coloured blouse

2 x camisoles

3 x blazers (these are on high rotation for work but if you don’t need as many replace these with additional tops)
– navy
– black
– statement

1 x black coat

3 x bags
– work
– weekend
– statement coloured

6 x shoes (replace the heels with more flats or wedges if required – or more clothes!)
– black flats
– weekend street shoes
– black ankle booties
– leopard heels
– statement coloured heels
– snakeskin print heels

= 30 pieces”


Together, I’ll show you how to choose wisely, spend less and wear more with just 30 pieces.

Want to join me? The rules are simple:

30 Pieces, 30 Days Capsule Challenge Rules

With wardrobe happiness,





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