5 easy ways to dress a small chest

Written by Wendy Mak


Continuing my series of “how to” fashion posts on how to dress all the beautiful parts of our bodies, in this post I’m sharing 5 easy ways to dress a small chest. (For those with the opposite, re-visit my post on dressing a fuller bust here).

You’ve probably read that you should wear ruffles and details across your bust line. And that’s true. But not everyone loves girly frou-frou ruffles and lace flouncing along our chest. We don’t all have a “girly” aesthetic, so are there other ways to dress your bust?

Here’s 5 ideas to dress a small chest with details yes, but ruffles no.

1. Choose a higher neckline

If you have a smaller bust, you can afford to play with higher necklines. I love a high neckline, there is something very elegant and chic about being able to pull off a sleek neckline.

This jacket below is great because it features some lovely asymmetric lines which also helps to create additional interest, and a beautiful (not tacky) gold sheen which will also help to create a fuller silhouette.

how to dress a small bust

Jacket from Sheike

 2. Go a little cray-cray with patterns

That’s right ladies. Go to town with patterns. Make them as big, bold and colourful as you dare. Or, keep them simple and geometric like this black & white knit which will look oh-so-fabulous under a blazer or on its own with jeans.

how to dress a smaller bust 2

Knit from Review

3. Pockets, tabs & buttons

Details across the bust doesn’t have to be just ruffles. Pockets, tabs and buttons (even zips) across the chest area can help to build a bigger bust line. I love this shirt dress because it has great pocket detail across the chest but in sophisticated black you are spared from looking like you should be in an open-top jeep in the Sahara.

Just beware that this dress also has pockets across the bottom half – so you want to make sure that doesn’t add bulk across the thigh area if that’s an area of concern for you.

how to dress a small chest 3

Dress from Marcs

4. Think oversized

When it comes to collars, lapels, scarves – think oversized. Keep them simple but big.

I love this throw with this oversized collar (officially described on their site as a “scarf plus wraparound jumper”). Wear with a simple pair of skinny jeans and a fitted top underneath, oversized tote, boots and you’re good to go.

I mean it’s like a poncho with arms – what genius!

how to dress a small bust 2

Knit from Sheike

5. Try a little bling

So maybe ruffles might not be your thing, what about a bit of bling?

Look for tops or cardi’s like this which have some shiny embellishment to add texture and dimension to the bust line. A cropped cardi in a bright colour also helps to bring more volume to the bust area.

how to dress a small chest 1

Knit from Review


I hope that helps inspire you to try some different ways to build a bust without ruffles. As always if you’ve enjoyed this please share it and / or drop me a comment below.

Until next time!


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  1. Fay July 30, 2013 at 1:53 pm - Reply

    Thanks Wendy. No frills – I love it!

    • Wendy Mak July 30, 2013 at 2:37 pm - Reply

      Indeed Fay – glad you enjoyed it!! xx

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