3 essentials to go from dag to fab

Written by Wendy Mak


As someone who is known as a fashion stylist, it’s hard to have “dag” days, even if it’s a “down day” like walking the dogs or doing some quick errands at the local shops.

Running in to the shops in my ugg boots and sweat pants to grab a carton of milk and bread is no longer an option (as Murphy’s Law says that’s usually when I’ll meet Someone Very Important like a client or ex-boyfriend).

Going to the dog park sans makeup and in my grubby “mud & dog drool” clothes is also when Someone Else Very Important will probably ask me “so what do you do for work?”.


Can style & practicality work together?

Here are some other scenarios where it can be hard to look stylish:

  • Watching the kids playing soccer on a cold, windy, rainy Saturday
  • Going to the supermarket early on the weekend to beat the crowds (which means you barely had time to get out of bed much less think about your outfit)

Now I’m a practical gal, so I’m not about to suggest you put on your finest to walk Patch the dog (especially when Patch enjoys mud puddles and jumping up on humans).

All you need are a few easy pieces that will literally help make your outfit go from dag to fab, without compromising on practicality.


1. A small cross body bag

You know I love a beautiful oversized, carry it all tote. But when you’re juggling bags of groceries and trying to find your car keys at the same time, it’s best to ditch the oversized tote and grab a small cross body bag instead.

This is a small bag just big enough to shove in your essentials (keys, phone and wallet) so you can have your hands completely free.

Try this little bag from Witchery which I have been road testing – it’s light, functional with multiple pockets and SUPER soft. And this colour means it’ll go with everything and anything.

Cross body bag Witchery


2. A chic wind & water proof jacket

Tent style plastic ponchos and bulky jackets aren’t exactly attractive. But standing in the cold wind can force a woman to do many desperate things.

Which is why I love this jacket from Snowgum (now on sale which makes me love it even more) – it’s a great way to stay wind and water proof while not having to wear a massive puffy, padded jacket that makes you look more Pilsbury Doughboy than chic.

Jacket Snowgum Wendy Mak


3. Bust out the gum boots

When it’s been raining hard and you are standing in a squelchy water logged playground or dog walk, you can’t go past a shiny, black pair of gum boots. Black may be boring but it will go with everything and is the closest you’ll get to sophisticated patent.

Check out these from The Iconic! Mud, sand or water, your feet will stay clean and dry!

Screen Shot 2013-08-14 at 10.12.59 PM



So don’t let those wet, cold and outdoorsy weekends hold you back from always looking fabulous and chic!


Until next time, stay stylish & successful!





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  1. Tanya August 15, 2013 at 9:22 am - Reply

    Hi Wendy, thanks as always for your fabulous fashion bites, they give me motivation to not turn into my inner dag, which is always trying to find a way out, but I know I always feel better when I’ve made an effort. Tanya

    • Wendy Mak August 16, 2013 at 7:30 am - Reply

      You are too gorgeous Tanya!!!! And you look it too xxx

  2. Lysa August 19, 2013 at 1:39 pm - Reply

    I’m with u on the rain jacket Wend
    I bought a nice white mossimo dutti jacket in Ireland and its really functional and a little bit stylish!!

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