5 Ways to Look Slimmer Instantly In Photos

Since I’ve started my Instagram account – (and you’re welcome to follow me here) – I’ve learnt that the camera is not always my friend… so I’m now (even more!) aware of which clothes are slimming, and which just aren’t, especially in a photo.

So in today’s post, I’m sharing 5 easy tricks I use, to make the camera love me 🙂



V-neck tops

Ah. The “essential” V. For most of us, the V-neck is one of the most flattering necklines. It elongates the neck by drawing the eye upwards and outwards.


The more of your décolletage is showing, the more open and slimmer your neck looks. You can also achieve a similar effect with open scoop necklines too – but they do have to be quite wide.



Stick to one colour

Whether it’s a block coloured dress, or layers of garments in complementary tones, this simple but effective trick creates the illusion of continuity and can make you look longer overall.




Accessories that lengthen

Yes, even your accessories can play a part in getting your photos just right!

You probably know I love a statement accessory to finish off my outfits. But not all accessories are equal! Choose those that make you look slimmer, for example a long necklace to create vertical line.


As a bonus, it doesn’t just add length to the neck, it also draws attention away from the hips and towards the center of the body.

You can also stack beautiful bangles and wear a couple of cocktail rings to draw the eye to the wrists and away from the upper arms. Too easy!

Create length using a long necklace with a statement pendant



Heels, darling, heels!

Some of you will groan at me but we can’t deny that a killer heel makes for some killer height – and instantly takes weight off, especially in a photo.

Good news though – any manageable height will do. It doesn’t have to be that dreaded 4-inch stiletto in the closet – although go for it if you feel like it!


A more stable, light wedge will look good on anyone and won’t hurt the feet, while matching your leg colour with your shoe also creates the illusion of longer legs. Legs for days!!!



Proper posture

Like every good school girl in ballet class, I’ve been told to watch my posture. It’s something I’m terrible at and looking at my many Instagram “out take” photos, I’m now aware how a bad posture can ruin a photo.

Proper posture not only makes you look more confident, it can also make you look loads lighter.

PicMonkey Collageno1See the difference between bad posture and proper posture? Even Dora the dog agrees!

Stick out your chest and booty. It will re-align your spine and you will instantly look taller and leaner. Not only will you look good, your spine will definitely thank you for it.


Ultimately, no matter what photos you take, confidence is key. So smile, say cheese and enjoy the moment!


Until next time,






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