6 Ways To Make Flats Look Stylish

Love shoes but hate high heels?

One of my readers Claire recently emailed me to ask for advice on shoes as she can’t wear heels. So in this post, I have 6 ways to make flats look stylish for the perfect balance of style + comfort!



A little sparkle + bling is a sure fire way to dress up the humble flat. It just adds a little lift and makes your flats go from plain to popping! If sparkles aren’t your thing, try just a simple touch of metal hardware.

16 01 23 Flats 3

16 01 23 Flats 5


Keep it pointy!

A pointed toe makes a flat look much more polished and professional. While a rounded toe is a classic run-around weekend shoe, it does appear more casual overall – so look for a pointed toe for something more formal or for work.

16 01 23 Flats 1


Tapered pants + flats

Tapered (or skinny) pants or jeans are a flats’ best friend. This is your classic, Audrey Hepburn inspired look of ballet flats with 7/8 trousers. Today, you can translate this any way you like, but the overall silhouette endures. The tapered trousers makes ankles look smaller and highlight your shoes.

16 01 23 Flats 4


Shine, shine, shine

I’ve always said it – but patent leather makes things that might be dull or boring go to shiny + stylish just like THAT! Even round toe flats have a bit more pizzazz in patent. So let your flats shine on!

16 01 23 Flats 2


Make a statement in colour

Like statement jackets and handbags, shoes in a bold, bright colour is an easy way to make a statement. Experiment outside of the normal blacks or browns, and throw in some colour into your flats.

16 01 23 Flats 6


Introduce a print or pattern

If you’re feeling really adventurous, try flats in a print or pattern! This is a fun way to make “boring” flats a focus and go from dull to interesting in a flash!

6 Ways To Make Flats Look Stylish


Got a favourite pair of flats? Or more ideas on how we can make flats look stylish? Post your comments below or your pictures on our Facebook page!


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  1. Claire January 28, 2016 at 11:30 am - Reply

    Thank you Wendy that was a quick and helpful response. For the first time I bought sandals with bling- pearly bits. They have been so versatile. Glad to see pointy black and coloured pair. I am on the right track. Might be adventurous and go for more shine and bling!! Many thanks, Claire. H

    • Wendy Mak January 29, 2016 at 12:32 pm - Reply

      You are SO welcome Claire! Thanks for asking the question and love to see you in your shine and bling, am sure you’ll look fantastic!

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