Dream Crazy: An Interview with Kathy Wong of Moeloco

When there’s an interview on this blog, I usually write a little introduction about the interviewee and what we talk about.

But as we were about to hit publish on this interview with Kathy Wong of Moeloco, I read with great sadness of the passing of Stella Young – a comedian and disability rights advocate. I actually had the honour of seeing Stella speak at the TedX Sydney event this year and she was a highlight – her talk has been viewed more than 1.4 million times.

Stella had penned her future 80-year old self a letter – which you can read in full here – and in particular, two sentences struck a chord with me:

“By the time I get to you, I will have loved with every tiny little bit of my heart and soul.”


“But on my path to reach you, I promise to grab every opportunity with both hands, to say yes as often as I can, to take risks, to scare myself stupid, and to have a sh*tload of fun.”

I confess I shed a couple of tears as I digested those sentences.

First – always choose to love. Find love, give love and be GREAT at it.

Also live life to the fullest. Yes, you can choose “ordinary”.

But within us all, there is the ability – if you want and only if you choose – to live an EXTRAordinary life…. to have an impact. To live it to the full. To reach for more than what we think is possible. To do the things that others would say “what are you doing?” to.

And that’s exactly what Kathy Wong of Moeloco did.

Which is why it seemed apt to me to acknowledge two amazing women in my introduction today. Although Kathy and Stella are in two very different fields, with very different causes – both chose to do things differently.

In Kathy’s case, she had a vision to “Dream Crazy”. So while I’m playing with clothes and fashion in my business, Kathy is off creating inspirational flip-flops that also help put a pair of school shoes on the feet of kids in poverty, with every purchase.

Join me below as I talk to Kathy about why she started this, the balance between running a business as a profitable commercial entity vs as a social enterprise, and what exactly it means to #DreamCrazy.”


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