Accessorising Masterclass 101: Class 4 – Eyes-up accessorising

Written by Wendy Mak

Back to one of my favourite topics! Accessorising!

If you’ve been following my Accessorising Masterclasses (click here to start from Class 1 if you’ve missed it) then you would by now read:

1. how many items you need to use when acceessorising
2. how to choose colour when accessorising
3. how to accessorise prints & patterns

Today we’re going to look at a quick and easy technique to draw the attention AWAY from the bottom half of your body (ie. hips, tummy, thigh area – don’t we all want to draw attention away from that??) and to the top half (décolletage and face). The term for this technique simply comes from that old saying “hello, my eyes are up here!” (which hopefully we’ve never had to say that to someone in real life!!!).

Eyes-up accessorising does exactly that – keep your viewer’s eyes up on your face. Whether you choose a gorgeous scarf, bold necklace, or luscious earrings, this is a technique that is easy to implement and very effective.

Take a look at the example below. Compare the difference between the same navy dress with a gold belt, and then the same dress but with a big statement necklace!



The example above just shows you how much of a difference eyes-up accessories can make! You can pretty much use any necklace you want – the one above is from Tilkah and is a big statement, but you would still get the same effect with something smaller, or in a colour, for example below:

Necklace: Tilkah
Dress: Target
Belt: Stylist’s own

What you’ll also notice in the picture above is that because we have a great necklace and it’s a bold colour as well, it is strong enough as a piece to be the standout in the outfit – even though I’ve belted the dress with a pink belt.

I hope that this post continues to help you accessorise to mesmerise!!! I’d love to hear any of your own experience so feel free to leave me a comment below!

Happy Styling xx


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