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Smart Casual Outfit Ideas

A reader recently wrote to ask me for smart casual outfit ideas - she was going out to a weekend lunch with friends and wondered what I would suggest. Smart casual outfits are tricky - it's SO open to interpretation and there's a huge number of possibilities and outfits that it's easy to feel a [...]

By | 2017-09-08T08:37:07+10:00 April 12th, 2016|Fabulous Fashion|4 Comments

Fashion Mistakes that can Age You

Even as a stylist I've not been immune to the occasional fashion mistake. In today's no holds barred post, I'm sharing some of the mistakes I've made (and ones that many of us have made as well) that can age us unnecessarily!   Here's some key tips to avoid unflattering outfits that could age you: [...]

By | 2017-09-08T08:41:37+10:00 April 6th, 2016|Fabulous Fashion|10 Comments

FALL for Ankle Boots this Autumn!

With Autumn fast approaching and that little nip in the air early in the morning and after the sun goes down, means it's the perfect time to fall for ankle boots this Autumn! Ankle boots are a fantastic option for this time of year as they are a good "in-between-er" option for those "in-between" seasons [...]

By | 2017-09-08T08:48:48+10:00 March 30th, 2016|Fabulous Fashion|3 Comments

Budget Friendly Autumn Trends To Wear Now

It's with great relief that I'm finally able to blog about budget friendly Autumn trends to wear now! After what felt like the longest, most humid + oppressive Summer in Sydney, the weather Gods have finally brought a chill in the air plus brilliant blue Autumn days. Although I've never been a fan of following [...]

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3 Ways To Wear Statement Necklaces

Everyone always has a "thing". Mine is necklaces. Bracelets get in the way when I'm at my desk  typing, and while I love big earrings, most of them call attention to my already round-ish face! So by situation (not design) I ended up wearing lots of necklaces. While I started small, it's now almost an [...]

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