3 Keys To Become A Personal Stylist

When it comes to creating your career as a personal stylist, there's nothing more valuable than hearing from someone who's had success as a stylist -- which is exactly who Rachel Worden is!   Rachel Worden is the founder of Ruby Slippers Styling, a personal styling agency that helps women of all ages, shapes and [...]

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Successful Australian Entrepreneurs – guest blogger Gemma Falconer

A guest post from Gemma Falconer Humankind is obsessed with origin stories. We always want to know where you come from, why you are the way you are, and how you became your present self. This is especially true when it comes to successful individuals celebrities, famous athletes, wealthy entrepreneurs. And you'll be heartened to [...]

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An Interview With The Founder of Nutribox

Throwing in a stable, corporate job to build a business is always a hard decision. But Janine, the founder of Nutribox had a vision to bring healthy food to busy men and women - and launched Nutribox in Sydney. Nutribox is a weekly meal delivery service that stands apart based on the quality, freshness and nutritional [...]

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True Face Of Entrepreneurship – Robyn Foyster

Written by Wendy Mak   Continuing my series on mental wellbeing for women entrepreneurs (you can find out more about this initiative by reading my open letter to entrepreneurs) I sit down in this interview to get real and honest with Robyn Foyster - publisher of The Carousel. As solo-entrepreneurs we're faced with a certain set [...]

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Truth About Entrepreneurship – Suzy Jacobs, Jac Bowie, Sarah Riegelhuth

Earlier this week in an open letter to entrepreneurs, I lifted the lid on something I've been observing within the womenâ's business community for a long time. Mounting self-doubt, comparison-it isâ and unrealistic expectations about success. Increasingly I'm hearing that these issues are becoming more common - and with so many of us solo entrepreneurs, [...]

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Truth about entrepreneurship – Bianca Monley

Written by Wendy Mak   As I mentioned in my open letter to entrepreneurs, I think it's time for us to "get real" about the truth behind entrepreneurship.   I think there is danger in over-inflating or over-glamourising what it means (and takes) to be a successful woman entrepreneur. We live in a fast-paced world where [...]

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An interview with Suzy Jacobs of SHE Business

Written by Wendy Mak   Continuing our "Amazing Women" series, I'd so excited to introduce you to Suzy Jacobs - founder and CEO of SHE Business, Australia's leading business club for women. She is always an inspiring speaker and has developed one of Australia's most successful business concepts for women. I talked to Suzy recently [...]

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