How to Wear Belts (Part 2)

If you haven't read Part 1 on the blog about belts, take a minute and check it out now. This week we pick up where we last left off - how to choose the right belt for your figure. Belts seem to scare a lot of women off, so I do field this question quite [...]

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How to Wear Belts (Part 1)

In all my years of styling, I've found the belt is the accessory that seems to generate the most fear in women. And yet, the belt is also a seriously underrated accessory in your closet. When used properly, the belt can work wonders for your figure and add curves to just the right places. If [...]

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Covet that look: Marni Chunky Earrings

Welcome to another round of "Covet that Look" where we take designer pieces and show you alternatives inspired by the real deal, at a fraction of their cost. Today's spotlight is on accessories, specifically from the Fall runways of Marni, where jumbo-sized pieces dangled from the models' ears. It's a trend where the neck is left [...]

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Covet that Look: The Balmain Jacket

I thought it might be fun to do something new on the blog, called "Covet that Look", where I take a key, designer statement piece and give you different ways to interpret and adopt the look for yourself (and at a fraction of the cost!). Covet Today, we look at Balmain's highly in-demand military jacket. The [...]

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How to rock florals

Florals are super fun. It's one of those patterns that has no season and exudes femininity and grace. But there is a danger that if we go overboard with florals, we end up looking like a walking garden, so here's how to rock florals.   Choose a print to match your personality With such a [...]

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Smart Casual Outfit Ideas

A reader recently wrote to ask me for smart casual outfit ideas - she was going out to a weekend lunch with friends and wondered what I would suggest. Smart casual outfits are tricky - it's SO open to interpretation and there's a huge number of possibilities and outfits that it's easy to feel a [...]

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Fashion Mistakes that can Age You

Even as a stylist I've not been immune to the occasional fashion mistake. In today's no holds barred post, I'm sharing some of the mistakes I've made (and ones that many of us have made as well) that can age us unnecessarily!   Here's some key tips to avoid unflattering outfits that could age you: [...]

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