10 Travel Essentials Every Woman Must Have

With so many places to explore, one of the most important things to consider when you travel is what gadgets and gizmos you need to travel well and yet travel stylishly. And while you can't go past a capsule wardrobe to help you get the most out of your clothing, outside of your wardrobe there're [...]

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How To Take Gorgeous Flat Lays

One of the greatest indulgences I treat myself to is a smorgasbord of Instagram and Facebook photos where bloggers, stylists and everyday fashionistas post images of their outfits - not selfies (of which I am a fan) - but of flat lays! "Flat lays" are an amazing way of showing off your wardrobe for everyone [...]

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3 Ways To Wear Statement Necklaces

Everyone always has a "thing". Mine is necklaces. Bracelets get in the way when I'm at my desk  typing, and while I love big earrings, most of them call attention to my already round-ish face! So by situation (not design) I ended up wearing lots of necklaces. While I started small, it's now almost an [...]

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PS. One last sneaky pre-holiday post…

Sorry!! Could not help myself, so here is one last sneaky pre-holiday Martha Stewart-esque post to help your last minute gift wrapping! If you're like me and have left your gift wrapping till today (with possible spillover in to tomorrow...), then you will love this tip on how to avoid the unsightly twist caused by [...]

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Happy Holidays!!

Can you believe how quickly the year has gone?? As I reflect on 2012, I am grateful for many things - firstly your SUPER support in reading this blog, that I've managed to avoid some major fashion disasters (even stylists have bad style days!), the release of my book, the friendships I've made with graduates [...]

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The Artisan Hairdresser

Dario is not just a hairdresser - he is an artisan. This is the hairdresser who does not blow dry hair with a brush or thongs, and refuses to use styling product in hair. Dario believes that if hair is cut properly, it will always look good - no matter which way the wind blows. [...]

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