Clothing Masterclass: Curve-tastic Style – Skirts

Written by Wendy Mak

Hola my wonderful readers! Happy New Year!

With the festive season behind us, I am well aware that I am now carrying a few extra kilos on my tummy and thighs, and one rather saggy looking bottom (yes, I said it – no one likes to admit it but it’s true).

So I thought it timely to look at the best skirts to camouflage the main problem spots being hips, bum and thigh.

One of the biggest myths I see many of my clients fall prey to is the notion that an A-line style skirt will help to cover hips and thighs.

While it is true to a degree, not all skirts are the same – especially when it comes to A-lines. There are good A-lines and then there are bad A-lines (sort of more like an F for Fail A-lines).

The bad:
– are usually stiff and pouff out in to a wide, distinct A-line
– often made in a thick fabric that doesn’t “drop” from the hips
– can have pleats that look great on the hanger but don’t sit well in real life


13 01 13 Skirts for curves Example 1


The good:
– is usually made of a soft, floaty fabric that feels “weighty” but is not stiff
– is not very wide
– has no gathers or lots of excess fabric
– usually drops flatteringly from the hip


13 01 13 Skirts for curves Example 2 printed skirt
All items with thanks from Diana Ferrari


A second mis-conception is that someone who doesn’t have a rake thin model-esque body shouldn’t wear fitted pencil skirts as it may reveal too much. However, a well selected fitted skirt can actually look slimming as it creates a lovely elongated silhouette without any additional volume in the bottom half. In fact, it can create a very sexy silhouette!!

13 01 13 Skirts for curves pencil skirst

All items with thanks from Diana Ferrari


So don’t be scared of a skirt and embrace your curves this Summer!

Once again a big thank you to our Curve-tastic model Tanya for helping us with this Masterclass, and see you at the next class soon!

Happy Styling xx

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  1. Marcile January 17, 2014 at 3:32 am - Reply

    I have been reading about capsule wardrobes for three years now and some are almost doable. HOWEVER I love, love, love your 30 piece approach and it takes into consideration the whole year!!!!!!
    One fashion problem I have is after shattering my Tib and Fib having two metal rods placed in my leg and ankle I can no longer wear any kind of heel. My shoes must be flat :-{ . Now if I had lovely long slender legs this might be okay, but alas I have rather short stocky legs and after my surgeries on the shattered leg it is quite scared.
    If you have suggestions for me I’d be so happy. also I should mention I am 55 yrs. old


    • Wendy Mak January 17, 2014 at 7:08 am - Reply

      Hi Marcile – SO GLAD to hear the book has been helpful for you! And so sorry to hear about the leg and ankle, you’ve got to always look after yourself so if that means no high heels and flats instead, that’s absolutely OK! Just swap the heeled suggestions to flat versions. You can get some great flat shoes that look really elegant – the trick is to make sure they’re not too bulky. Keep the shoes as streamlined and simple as possible, no chunky soles or overly square toes. Hope that helps. And thank you again for the wonderful feedback!! xx

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