Clothing Masterclass: The BAIL Formula Part 1

Written by Wendy Mak

Even if you are not a fashion diva, you will LOVE this cool little rule.

The nature of my job means I appreciate when a well-dressed woman walks past me. And the kind of woman that usually causes me to look twice is the one who has really taken the care to ensure that from top to toe her whole outfit is impeccable & coordinated (Note: by coordinated I don’t mean colour matching shoes & bags & dress which is just too 1980’s Dynasty for me, but that the accessories and clothes all work together in harmony).

This is where the BAIL rule kicks in! If you just don’t know where to start when it comes to creating a “complete” outfit, then you will take to this rule like Bridgette Jones did to chocolate & bad boys.

The rule was born to help my clients remember what they need to create a complete “outfit”. To me, an “outfit” is the whole kit & caboodle that takes into consideration all the “extras”. Extras like accessories & interest pieces to create a WOW look instead of just ho-hum. After all, who wants to be ho-hum when you can be AB-FAB darling!!!!!


TIP: Simply click on the image to open the BAIL rule in a new window and then click print! You will then be able to pin a copy near your wardrobe as a little daily reminder on what to throw on!

Here’s a very simple example of how the BAIL rule works – and be sure to join me tomorrow as I show you further examples of how much the BAIL rule can really add that va va voom to your outfit!!!

Happy Styling!! xx

Bag: Tilkah
Clothing + shoes: Target
Belt: Stylist’s own



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