How do I get more clients? [Part 1]

Written by Wendy Mak


14 01 29 how do i get more clientsThis is the number 1 question I get.

“How do I get more clients?”

It’s an old chestnut for thousands of entrepreneurs.

I know I’ve met a lot of women who’ve started a biz, had a pretty good initial start, followed by radio silence and * crickets *.

They’re not getting consistent, long term results – in essence, not enough clients / income.

Many assume / hope that there’s a magic silver bullet to fix this.

Simply put – there’s no short cut. (Even though some people like to give you that impression!!!).

Here’s the thing. Assuming you’ve got your actual product / offering nailed, then it really boils down to a handful of factors, the first two of which are below (I’ll blog about the other factors in coming weeks):

1. Consistency.

Before you think “is that it??”, consider this.

How many of you have tried something and then let it fall to the wayside because the results weren’t coming as readily as you had hoped?

Have you ever started a newsletter, enthusiastically churned out a couple and then life got in the way and you forgot to produce one for a month (or two, or three)?

Or perhaps you’ve seen someone else do really well from video blogging, uploaded some You Tube videos, but you didn’t think anyone was really watching so you decided to pursue podcasting instead?

It’s easy to do – I’ve definitely given up on something because it seemed too hard or I lost the motivation.

But my traffic has increased the most when I’ve been absolutely consistent with what I put out there (and you need traffic first before you can get customers because no traffic = no one to sell to!).

Take my blog as an example – if you saw outdated content (or that I hadn’t updated it at all since your last visit), you probably won’t come back again.

Consistency is KEY.


2. Know what business you’re in

You have a brilliant offering. You’re passionate and you deliver EXCEPTIONAL customer service.

Yet you keep seeing other competitors with services / products that are inferior to yours, sell so much more (and seemingly so easily too!).

You might be thinking “why does this happen”? After all if you’re delivering a great service then people must surely line up to take notice, right?

Well, not so much. There’s a missing link here and that’s while you might be in the business of delivering [insert your product / service here], ultimately you’re in the business of marketing.

No matter what you offer (or how well you do it), the ones that thrive are those that take their marketing very seriously.

They get clear on the steps they need to put in place to market their biz.

Each step is designed to get your customer closer and closer to saying YES when you finally ask for a sale (by the way this is called a marketing funnel and you can download my free guide on creating a marketing funnel here).

Ultimately if you have two similar businesses competing together – the one that gets the cream is usually the one with the better marketing process in place.

Make it your business to build a business that is all about marketing.


So back to our old chestnut….

While there may not be a quick, silver bullet to finding more clients, there’s definitely a solution.

It will take consistency, hard work and perhaps some upskilling in marketing (if you’re interested in learning more about marketing, check out Round 2 of Smart, Savvy & Rich), and most of all – don’t give up just because you’ve hit a snag.

Keep pumping out those newsletters, update your blog – it all works but you have to keep at it for longer than a few months!!!

Businesses of real value, ones that are sustainable – take time to build.


I’d love to know if you’ve ever struggled to stay consistent and true, especially when you’ve hit a snag or a rough patch? Or conversely have you seen results by being consistent?

Let me know below + as always, if you’ve enjoyed this – please share or like it!







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  1. Jayne Wyeth (Aka Cashie Ofcourse) January 29, 2014 at 1:36 pm - Reply

    How do I get more clients? [Part 1]
    GOOD blog Miss Mak, Love your work.

    Meanwhile if i may add suggestion;
    Consistency, and knowing your business both absolutely imperative when approaching any perspective opportunity,
    In addition, whenever possible approach an owner and or director with your proposal so they may support and refer you to middle management. I find in with our current economic climate, a tad full of uncertainty, too often middle management has not the autonomy, nor sometimes the time, to even facilitate change or prospective opportunity that may differ to thier current model.. Always try to connect at the top level, and create interest, curiosity etc, then watch middle management play ball, or at at least give you opportunity to present your pitch. 🙂 In a nut shell, plan your delivery. Make it interesting, exciting, optimistic and clearly outline mutual opportunity. When the powers that be like your proposal you are half way there 🙂

    Jayne Cash
    Senior Sales and Development Manager
    & proud Ambassador for BUSINESS IN HEELS

    • Wendy Mak January 29, 2014 at 1:41 pm - Reply

      Love the input Jayne!!!! Thank you and yes – how you PITCH is crucial – getting that perfect pitch (and pitching to the right people) so you can even get noticed is super important xxx Thanks for contributing!!! xxx

  2. Fiona Craig January 29, 2014 at 4:03 pm - Reply

    Thank you for the inspiration Wendy. What you’ve said is so true. I would like to share that in Sydney I’m involved in a small business breakfast group that meets up each month. Beach, coffee, stimulating conversation and of course getting support from fellow biz owners can really boost your motivation, positivity and consistency. Our biz owners like to know what we’ve been up to so I can’t spend all month kicking back and watching Game of Thrones.

    • Wendy Mak January 29, 2014 at 7:03 pm - Reply

      Oh I love that!!! (Love GOThrones too!!) Thank you for sharing – it’s hard as a solopreneur to stay focused – so having a group makes all the difference!!! xx Thanks for sharing!

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