How to Create Your Accessories Capsule Wardrobe

There are a few things I am obsessed with in life…. 

The pursuit of the perfect molten chocolate pudding. 

My dogs Iggy and Dora (if you haven’t met them please visit my Instagram for a sneak peek at these furry monsters that have my heart).

And finally, accessories. Every single one of my baubles, shoes and bags holds a special place in my heart!


Those that have been following this blog will know that jewellery is my favourite way to express your personality and style.

My formula to get more wear out of your fashion dollars is to buy simpler, classic clothing and then vary the look with accessories.

But like all things in life, one can OD on too much of anything – even accessories.


In The Capsule Wardrobe my ultimate philosophy is to declutter your closet and live a more minimalistic, clutter-free life.

The same principles therefore also apply to creating your very own “capsule jewellery box”. Here’s how:


Want a recap of the video instead of watching it? I’ve got you:


Create Your Accessories Capsule Wardrobe

Your jewels need to reflect both seasons: winter and summer


Create jewellery capsules for both seasons – this means setting aside “light” pieces for summer and “heavier” pieces for winter.

Lighter accessories for summer should be lighter in colour and also smaller, more delicate pieces. Chunkier pieces may overpower lighter, flowy summer florals and soft fabrics.

Conversely, when you’re wearing multiple layers of heavier knits, wool or leather, the textures and weight of  bigger pieces of jewellery will ensure that your accessories match the look of your outfit and doesn’t get lost within the heavier pieces of your winter wardrobe.



Choose colours carefully


If you haven’t read the blog on creating your own colour palette for your wardrobe, take a few minutes to back-track and then dive back here, as it has some key tips to pick colours for your accessories capsule.

In a nutshell, you’ll need to choose a primary, secondary and trend colours for your capsule.

When choosing primary colours and secondary colours, go for more neutral tones that you can always come back to time and time again. Don’t overly invest in pieces in trendy colours as these will come and go as the trends do.


So keep these tips in mind when creating your very own accessories capsule and let me know what are the key pieces in your accessory-drobe in the comments below!


PS. Thanks to your feedback, next time on the blog I’ll share my 3 easy hacks to work out what colours best suit you!

With wardrobe happiness,



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