How To Take Gorgeous Flat Lays

One of the greatest indulgences I treat myself to is a smorgasbord of Instagram and Facebook photos where bloggers, stylists and everyday fashionistas post images of their outfits – not selfies (of which I am a fan) – but of flat lays!

“Flat lays” are an amazing way of showing off your wardrobe for everyone to see and be inspired from – whether you’re a budding fashion stylist, avid Instagrammer OR if you simply use them to inspire your own style.
Here are some simple but effective tips to help you take the perfect flat lay and Instagram like a pro!




How To Take Gorgeous Flat Lays

As with every photo, the layout really is key. Make sure that the pieces are all laid out next to each other unobstructed and in plain sight. (You can, of course, overlap a few things but generally, you want each item to be clearly visible.)

After placing your key items, channel the stylist in you and accessorise!

Insert accessories to fill out the negative space. Use cute knick knacks to add interesting visuals to the photo. This is the truly fun part so enjoy it! (But always be careful not to over-style it! )




How To Take Gorgeous Flat Lays

You know where the best place to take your photo? Right beside a big wide window with ample outdoor light.

Natural light is the best light to use for your flat lays. Make sure that the photo is well lit, has no shadows and highlights the details of the pieces.




Don’t be afraid to edit your photos. You can apply filters to your photos to make them look more interesting. You can always adjust the contrast and vibrancy of your photos to make them pop even more.

How To Take Gorgeous Flat Lays



How do these bloggers always find gorgeously white and stunning backgrounds to place their items on?

Do they have a studio or a special table that’s pure white? Not so much – some really easy (and sneaky) hacks include:

  • Buying a piece of white MDF from your local hardware store and pulling that out when you need it
  • Buying large pieces of wrapping tissue in the colour of your choice, scrunching that up for a “crinkled” effect and then spreading it back out for your pieces
  • Getting a beautiful piece of fabric and using that to drape over a table


So with those tips in hand, get snapping! Tag me @wendymak_stylist in your Instagram feed when you do!!!


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