How to Wear Belts (Part 1)

In all my years of styling, I’ve found the belt is the accessory that seems to generate the most fear in women.

And yet, the belt is also a seriously underrated accessory in your closet. When used properly, the belt can work wonders for your figure and add curves to just the right places.

If you’re not the type who wears belts, it may take a little getting used to. But with a little spirit of adventure, you’ll see how the belt can make a huge impact on your wardrobe!

Because there’s lots to say about this topic, I’m breaking this up in to two parts. This week we look at where to wear your belt and next week we’ll dive in to what belts to wear for your body shape.


Where do I wear my belt?


PrettifulDesignsMonthStickersWinterberries1The Waist

How to Wear Belts (Part 1)

Metal Plate Pu Strech Belt from Portmans

If you find the narrowest part of your torso, there sits your natural waist.

As long as you don’t carry the bulk of your weight on your waist, then placing a belt on your waist can help achieve that perfect hourglass figure as well as turn loose, baggy clothes into something just a bit more flattering.



Wear it with:

  • a blouse and skirt for a bit of interest
  • a cardigan or a chunky sweater to add shape
  • a form fitted cocktail dress to emphasise the waist
  • a bulky fall or winter jacket to draw in the waist



PrettifulDesignsMonthStickersWinterberries2The Hips

Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 12.53.44 PM

Buckle Bella 55mm Wide Waist Belt from Myer

For a more casual and relaxed vibe, wear your belts low-slung on the hips.

If you love boho or Nina Proudman, this is the belt for you!

Remember that medium to wide belts work best for a more laid-back feel. This belt also does wonders if you have a little tum to camouflage.

Wear it with:

  • a long and beautiful maxi dress
  • an oversized shirt with skinny jeans
  • long, flowy bohemian inspired skirts
  • a relaxed summer romper



PrettifulDesignsMonthStickersWinterberries3Empire Waist

How to Wear Belts (Part 1)

Metal Buckle Stretch Belt from Portmans

Just a little below the bust is where your empire waist lies.

A little trickier to wear, stay away from this belt if you have a very large bust as it will further emphasise this.

A great belt to wear if you’re feeling bloated in the tummy, although if you’re petite keep the colour of the belt similar to your dress to keep the elongation going.

tip: make sure that the belt is elastic so as to not restrict your breathing. Japanese obi belts are a good choice thanks to their stretch fabric.


I hope this inspires a little belt action this week and can’t wait to see how you wear yours! Share it with me on Instagram and tag me @wendymak_stylist


Next week: belts for every body shape!


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