How to Wear Belts (Part 2)

If you haven’t read Part 1 on the blog about belts, take a minute and check it out now.

This week we pick up where we last left off – how to choose the right belt for your figure.
Belts seem to scare a lot of women off, so I do field this question quite a lot.

In today’s post I’ll show you belts for the most common body shapes – but the key thing to remember is that the longer your torso, the more “space” you have in your mid section to wear a wider style belt, while a shorter torso needs a narrower belt.



Fuller busted

Printemps Sash Belt from Myer

Avoid the wide belt as this will only pronounce you bust further.

Opt for thinner belts to ensure you have enough space between your bust and waist.

A good tip (for any body shape) – if you place your hand immediately underneath your bust and before your belt, you should have enough space (or clearance) to fit at least the width of your palm.

If you don’t, you’re probably wearing something too wide.




Rectangular body shape


While I am not a rectangular shape, this example illustrates how a belt can immediately create curves on a billowy outfit

If you don’t have a prominent or defined waist, I suggest that you go for the wider belt.

Pair with a dress that billows so as to give your body definition around the mid-section.





How to Wear Belts

The hourglass loves to wear belts.

While you don’t really need to create a waist because you already have one, be careful when accentuating it to ensure you have enough space between the bust and belt – see our tip above in no 1 for larger busts.






Keep your belt in similar colours that match your outfit to keep the elongation for petite shapes

Generally speaking, you’ll want to wear a belt that matches the colour of your outfit.

This creates a lengthening illusion of your legs, making you look longer and taller.





Adjustable Metal Bar Belt from Portmans

Do the total opposite for the petite woman.

You have the ability to wear belts that contrast your outfit to break up the elongation. Place it higher or lower on your torso depending on whether you wish to highlight your torso or legs.


PrettifulDesignsMonthStickersWinterberries6 copy

Fuller figured

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 8.51.15 AM

TRENT NATHAN Classic Equestrian Print Square Scarf from Myer

If you’re carrying most of your weight in the tummy and have no defined waist, I would avoid belts.

While I love belts, if you’re unsure of what you’re doing, belts could add an unwanted chunk to your torso and / or emphasise the midsection.

Instead, focus on other accessories such as beautiful long scarves and statement jewellery.

As we wrap up the week and belts, I hope you’ll take a chance on this little belted loop and make it work for you!

Don’t forget to share your photos or comments with me below!


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