How To Work Out Your Body Shape in 2 Minutes


Getting dressed is something we do daily – and like every other woman out there, we want to know we’re getting it right.

And the ONE thing that is critical to dressing your best everyday, is knowing your body shape – yet it’s also the thing that confuses us the most.

In my newest, free style video series, I’ll show you how to work our your body shape in just 2 minutes!

It’s a collaboration between me and another seasoned stylist, Rachel Worden from Ruby Slippers Styling. Together, we’re launching a new, online style program called Not About Size – where you’ll learn how to style yourself for life, no matter what your size!


How To Work Out Your Body Shape in 2 Minutes


I’ll be sharing more details about the program soon, but for now — hop on over to the Not About Size website and enter your email to watch our first video on how to work out your body shape in just 2 minutes!


PS. While Not About Size will be launching soon, I’ll still be blogging here weekly – so you’ll be getting lots of great tips & tricks from me either way! 🙂


Until next time, stay stylish & happy!







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