Joanne Rose – When creativity, entrepreneurship & animal rights meet

JRJoanne Rose is a wonderful mix of qualities.

She is CEO of Vegan Vision Productions – her own web & TV production company – whose name is inspired by the fact that she has been a vegan since 1994 because of her love for animals.

Her business was born after years of struggling as an actress, when she launched her own company and began creating her own work after seeing a need for more female leads in comedy.
What I love about Joanne’s story is that she created a future for herself. Rather than simply throwing the towel in, she decided to write her own story and produce work she loves – instead of waiting for acting opportunities to come her way.

Here’s my quick Q&A with Joanne!

What does Vegan Vision Productions do?

A production company, creating and producing original female-driven comedy for Web and TV.


What was the inspiration behind it?

While awaiting my break as an actor in Los Angeles, I decided to write, act and produce my own comedy projects.

I read the book, Success Principles by Jack Canfield, which changed my life. After doing Your Life Purpose Exercise, I was able to connect the dots.

As a vegan since 1994, I was always inspiring people around me and making others laugh with my wacky sense of humour so I combined the two. I formed my own production company, Vegan Vision Productions, and started creating my own work.

(Not all of my projects are vegan themed but that’s where the inspiration came from)!


What were the biggest challenges in starting your company?

Not knowing anything about running a business. I simply chose to just dive right in and learn from trial and error.

There were also many sacrifices I had to make so that I could dedicate myself fully to learning and growing my business and having to “unlearn” things.


What did you learn about your business and yourself as part of the process?

When you do work that you love, it doesn’t feel like “work”.

I am working harder than ever before and I had no idea how much would be involved before I got started but regardless, I knew I had to follow my passion.


You live between Melbourne and LA. It sounds super glamourous! Tell us about that.

It’s only been the last 3 years that I have been living between Melbourne and Los Angeles.

Prior to that, I was living in LA full time. I am getting ready to relocate to LA full time again in early 2014.

There are definite challenges to living between both countries such as not being there for events or meetings that come up. Some meetings can be done by phone thankfully. As my company is based in LA, I work on California time to schedule calls, Skype and email.

What I love about living between two different countries is being able to see my family in Melbourne, the fresh air and laid back pace of Melbourne.

In LA, I love the beautiful sunny climate which is all year round, the healthy range of vegan products, the incredible opportunities and events and like-minded people.


What’s your “big dream”?

To inspire people through my projects. There is always an important message there in each storyline.


How do you stay focused and inspired every day?

I create and maintain healthy rituals for myself. I do a daily brisk walk every morning – rain or shine. I usually come up with great ideas for my work during my walk.

I eat whole plant based foods and work out each day. Establishing a routine like this provides lots of energy. And a lot of listening to Tony Robbins seminars online!!


Learn more about Joanne at Vegan Vision Productions.

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