4 Life Lessons To Always Live By

Written by Wendy Mak


You all know I firmly believe that every woman has an amazing story to tell. You, me, the lady sitting next to you on the train, your boss – everyone has a beautiful story behind them. And today re-affirmed that belief for me.

I attended a League of Extraordinary Women breakfast event in Sydney (they also have branches across Australia – worth investigating if you’re a female entrepreneur looking for a networking group).

Bleary eyed and in desperate need for a strong cup of tea (it was 7.30am after all), I must admit I didn’t really know what to expect from Sara Leonardi-McGrath as the guest speaker. I knew she was into art and married to a famous sportsman, but didn’t know much else about her outside of that.

She blew me away.

Sara is successful yet genuine, down-to-earth and passionate. All qualities I heart very much. Her passion for art (through her gallery MCLEMOI in Chippendale) is also so infectious it made me want to go and buy some pieces of art right then and there!!!

More importantly, so much of what she had to share reminded me of some key life (and business) lessons to always live by.

Here’s four of the lessons I was reminded of today:


1. You get back what you put out in to the world.

My regular readers will KNOW how much I believe this. Positivity breeds positivity. And based on her talk I think it’s fair to say Sara clearly believes this too.

But always feeling (and behaving) positively is not easy to do.

Some days you’re just not in the mood to “do good” or put out “positivity”. In fact, all you want to do is crawl into a hole somewhere in your PJ’s, with a tub of ice-cream and re-runs of Sex & The City (and let me tell you girlfriend, we’ve all done that at least once in our lives!!!).

But never forget that what you put out (both in terms of your energy and the deeds you do) always comes back around. And usually in spades. So drag yourself out of that hole, slap on some lippy, put out the good vibes and do some good by the world.

Because you’ll get it back in return, pinky swear.


2. Never allow yourself a negative thought

Actually that was the title of a book that Sara had brought along. This one sentence if you stop to think about it, is truly the most powerful.

This isn’t just saying “think positively”. What it says is this – YOU (and you alone) have the power to control whether you allow any negative thoughts to enter your life.

Or in other words, you have a choice – so what are you going to choose to allow in?


3. Belief & hard work go hand in hand

Sara made it very clear that you have to believe & visualise what you want in and for your life. But she also mentioned hard work several times. And it’s true.

I always say to the gals who attend my how to become a stylist training course – you can have all the passion in the world, but you’re also going to have to break a sweat and do the hard work too (of course we hope our make-up is sweat-proof but you get the idea).

Passion without effort does not make a business (or at least not a successful one).


4. Surround yourself with amazing people

Sara talked about having the support of her husband and how having that support, no matter who he or she is in your life, as being so crucial to success.

I couldn’t agree more. Now take it a step further. Imagine you won an Oscar. Who would be in your acceptance speech?

Don’t wait for the Oscar but go and thank them today – show your gratitude to your key peeps. Thank them daily for their love and support.

(And as I always say – if there is anyone in your life who says you “can’t”, strike them off your Christmas card list).
Wendy Mak Sara Leonardi McGrath life lessons

Today was a great reminder of some key life lessons. And I have Sara (and The League) to thank for that.


Until next time, stay stylish & successful!





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  1. Joanne Guidaci September 17, 2013 at 2:24 pm - Reply

    Great article Wendy, with some great reminders! Couldn’t agree more!

    • Wendy Mak September 17, 2013 at 4:33 pm - Reply

      Thanks for reading Joanne!!! x

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