A must-try “minimalist” cider cocktail

With the sun high in the sky and the sound of pool parties on every street, summer in Sydney is in full swing.

Which means it’s time to grab your giant pool inflatable (from flamingos to swans, if it’s a giant blow up you can float on, you have a winner!), so you can laze about with your favourite summer cocktail!

When it comes to cocktails, I’ve always had a dilemma.

I’ve traditionally shied away from them due to the sugar and unnecessary calories (preferring to generally spend my calories on chocolate), choosing instead to stick with the skinny but oh-so-boring vodka soda.

So when I stumbled upon the 5 Seed’s lower sugar cider, I was delighted!

As a cider itself, it’s crisp and fresh and not overly sweet, making it highly drinkable on its own – but I really wanted to pimp it up for summer and showcase the bright berries summer is renowned for.


A minimalist, 4-ingredient cider cocktail

When it comes to cocktails, my needs are simple. In keeping with my minimalist wardrobe philosophy, it has to have minimal ingredients AND be easy and quick to make!

If it involves more than 5 ingredients, a blender, shaker or grinding ice, I’m out. Ain’t nobody got time for that (leave that job to the professional bartenders I say).

This must-try muddled berry cocktail is what I would call “minimalist”, calling for just 4 ingredients. It’s simple and fast to whip up, embraces all the best of summer produce and you’re likely to have all these ingredients in your fridge already.

All you need are berries, lime & mint

Smash ’em berries

To make my muddled-berry cider cocktail, all you need are a range of berries (I used raspberries and blueberries), lime and fresh mint.

  1. In a small bowl, smash your berries roughly with the back of a spoon. Place berries in your glass (or pitcher depending on how many cocktails you plan to have!!!) Tip: I used about 3 -4 raspberries and 3-4 blueberries per serve / glass.
  2. Using your hands, crush approx 3 – 4 mint leaves per serve, between your palms. Throw that in to your glass.
  3. Squeeze in approx 1/4 of a lime and top with the cider

Et voila! Muddled berry goodness is in your hand!

3 steps, 4 ingredients

Perfect for picnics

This cocktail gets better if the berries have a chance to infuse the cider, so it’s perfect for picnics. Just transfer your cocktail in a spill-proof mason jar, secure the lid and by the time you hit the beach or park, this muddled berry cocktail will be perfect!

Perfect for picnics!

So get your berries and cider out, and give this super-easy, super yum cider cocktail (without the sugar guilt!) a whirl!!

With cocktail happiness,





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