Packing Light: Your 9-Piece Travel Wardrobe

With the holidays upon us, for many it’s a chance to pack up and hit the road for a holiday escape.

For those of you ready to head somewhere for a bit of R&R, I have shared some of my grooviest packing tips in the video below!


Appearing recently on Channel 9 in Australia, I show you the secret to packing light this holiday with just 9 pieces to create 30 outfits! Yep, you read correctly!

This means you don’t have to drag around a heavy bag or wait for your checked-in luggage. The best bit is my capsule travel wardrobe formula will free up time from working out “what to wear” so you can spend more time holidaying – whether that’s shopping or lounging by the pool with a mai-tai in your hand 🙂

And while the capsule travel wardrobe showcased in this video is for a summer get-away, you can still take the same principles and apply it to your colder escape too.


(The capsule wardrobe secrets shared below all come from my new book coming out on 3 January 2017 – The Capsule Wardrobe. Am super-excited!!! Pre-order your copy here!!)


Can’t view the video?

If you live outside Australia, you may be restricted from viewing the video. Don’t worry – I’ve got you! Here is a short summary of how to create your own 9-piece capsule travel wardrobe.

  • Choose a range of tops and bottoms – in this case I’ve gone with 4 x tops and 3 x bottoms to suit a summer vacation
  • Make sure each top matches each bottom so that they can ALL be mixed-and-matched
  • Look for things like prints so that you have more colours in the print to play with
  • I’ve then rounded out the wardrobe with a light-weight jacket and a versatile dress
  • Ensure that you can layer the jacket over each outfit to give you an additional look
  • Plus, get creative and layer blouses over your dress for even more options!


I hope you enjoy packing light for your next trip, as it is the most liberating feeling knowing when you land, your holiday wardrobe is all sorted! 🙂


And don’t forget to check out ALL my capsule wardrobe secrets with even more ideas and complete colour illustrations to create the ultimate capsule wardrobe of 1000 outfits from just 30 pieces – check out all the details + get a copy here >> The Capsule Wardrobe book.









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  1. Kathy December 18, 2016 at 3:01 pm - Reply

    I love this travel wardrobe! My own wardrobe is very lacking, so I will be using this ‘travel’ wardrobe to begin a wardrobe for myself. I have ordered the capsule wardrobe book but we don’t have a lot of money and I will need to get practically everything. If I start with the travel wardrobe I will still need to get everything but at least it is not as much. I am wondering about the colours you have chosen for the wardrobe. Black doesn’t really suit me near my face and I’m wondering how this wardrobe could be adapted to someone who has ‘warm’ colouring? Would I do that with accessories or by changing the basic colours of the wardrobe? I really need some advise PLEASE.

    • Wendy Mak December 18, 2016 at 10:13 pm - Reply

      Hi Kathy! Thank you SO much for your support! I am sure your own capsule wardrobe will be great! And you definitely don’t need a big budget to achieve it especially with so many sales / specials – it’s all about buying the RIGHT pieces! Yes, you can absolutely change things with accessories. Given you have ordered the book I won’t ruin the surprise but there are alternates to black 🙂 xxx

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