Plus Size Clothing You’ll Want To Wear… ?

Written By Wendy Mak

As a fashion stylist myself, I’ve been reading with interest on a major, national blog, a post one of their writers had written on “9 plus size pieces you’ll actually want to wear”. To say the post (and the plus size clothing selected) didn’t go down so well is probably an understatement. I do feel for the writer, but would have to agree with a lot of the comments made, as most of the pieces selected would do NO ONE justice, much less our curve-tastic ladies!!!!

It reminded me that I had been sitting on some lovely shots of our Curve-tastic Tanya (a beautiful size 16), wearing some outfits that used the principles of mixing and matching from my book. And while Tanya is by no means “plus size”, I decided it was time to dig these photos up to illustrate:

1. some of the pieces I feel will work for women with curves

2. if you pick well, you can re-use the same items in many different ways (your credit card will silently thank you. So will your husband.)


A fabulous FAUX wrap dress

Let me be clear. A true wrap dress can be unforgiving. You want a faux wrap dress (you know, the ones that look like a wrap but you throw over or zip up and wear like a proper dress). Look for a heavier fabric (steer clear of soft, light cotton jersey style fabric which shows all lumps and bumps – even the one Malteser you ate in 2008) and choose a darker toned pattern with lighter tones flecked through it. A darker colour flatters, and flecks of lighter colours will make it work for warmer days as well.

13 04 09 Curvetastic Terrific Thirty Dress Plus Size


Two great skirts – black and stone

For Tanya I’ve picked a black pencil skirt but it’s bandage style – meaning it’s a lot more forgiving than a standard pencil skirt because of the panels (it sucks you in more!). You could select a softer A-line skirt if that suits your shape better, but no matter what style you choose, the key is to pick one with a bit of detail / interest so that it doesn’t look like a boring old work skirt, and allows you to dress it up for weekends / play.

13 04 09 Curvestastic Terrific Thirty Plus Size Work Weekend skirt

For the stone skirt, I’ve selected more of a straighter cut for Tanya. This will give me the most versatility in creating four different looks from the same skirt as it’s simple and unfussy – meaning I can take it from day to night easily.

13 04 09 Curvestastic Terrific Thirty Plus Size skirts blazers


A great blouse

I love this blouse because it’s a bold, happy colour. It also has a sleeve for those of us who want a bit of arm coverage. And it’s loose enough to hide muffin tops (BUT note how it has a wide waist band – this allows me to still create a bit of shape. Do not confuse this with one of those funny, useless elasticised things that some designers seem to put at the bottom of some tops – this needs to be a proper, wide, thick waistband). Plus it works well with wide or tapered legged bottoms.

13 04 09 Curvestastic Terrific Thirty Plus Size Pants Jeans Top

All outfits from Diana Ferrari


Your Style Question Answered…

Now, on to some EXCITING news (well I think it’s exciting anyway). Following your feedback, I’m taking on board your suggestion to allow YOU to send ME a photo/s of yourself, with your style question that you’d like some advice on. If your question is selected, I’ll answer it on this blog!! And it’s completely free – so you could be getting my advice at no cost to you!!

  • Only selected questions will be responded to – I’m really sorry but as you can appreciate I won’t be able to respond back to every individual question.
  • Only select questions will be published for the benefit of all readers of this blog
  • Submit your photo and style question to me via email to [email protected]  – please note if selected, your photo and question will be published on this blog so please do word your question in that light!
  • This round of submissions will close 15 April 2013

Until then, stay stylish, savvy & successful! xx

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  1. Sally June 7, 2013 at 10:34 am - Reply

    Great series of practical outfits Wendy. Your model looks like a curvaceous Princess Mary!

    • Wendy Mak June 7, 2013 at 11:12 am - Reply

      So glad you found it useful Sally!!! And Tanya our model will be so flattered I’m sure!!! Thanks for connecting!

  2. Gill Wong September 14, 2013 at 9:43 pm - Reply

    Hi Wendy,
    Have you got any suggestions about where to get a faux wrap dress like the one pictured here this season? It’s gorgeous.
    I have just discovered your book and website- great work! I’m a fan already.

    • Wendy Mak September 15, 2013 at 7:24 am - Reply

      Hi Gill, thanks for reading and so glad you’re enjoying the blog! There are some similar dresses (although not exactly the same of course) this season from Diana Ferrari and also Basque in Myer. Good luck and thanks again for reading!

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