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The Capsule Wardrobe

1,000 Outfits From 30 Pieces

Love the thought of having a small range of basics that you can effortlessly style into literally hundreds of timeless outfits?

If you’re tired of a wardrobe stuffed full of clothes that you never wear and you’re READY to embrace a smaller, clutter-free wardrobe, The Capsule Wardrobe is the book for you!

Learn how to create more than 1,000 outfits from just 30 pieces (and that includes shoes and bags!!).

Create 1000 outfits from 30 basics

The Capsule Wardrobe is based on my tried-and-tested mix-and-match technique that I’ve used with thousands of clients during my career as a professional fashion stylist.

The key to any capsule wardrobe is balance – the right mix of everyday basics in classic styles and colours, sprinkled with just enough pops of colour and trend pieces.

Let me show you the ONLY 30 pieces you ever need to own to create 1000 outfits!

Make dressing everyday a cinch, not a chore

Outlined in full colour illustrations, these 30 hand picked essentials are all you’ll ever need to create your ultimate capsule wardrobe.

Plus, the book includes a full list with every single one of the 1,000 outfit combinations created from these 30 items in a handy reference table. Just pick an outfit from the table in the book and you’re good to go!

From office to weekend, winter to summer, this wardrobe has you covered with outfits for work, having fun in the park with your kids, dinner with friends, shopping with the gals and even after-5 events!

Inside the book

Rich, full colour illustrations detailing:

– each of the 30 essential pieces you need with details on style, shape & colour

– alternate shapes / styles for different body shapes

– examples outfits you can create with your 30 essentials

Plus a COMPLETE table with all 1000 outfit combinations!

And I share my styling secrets so you can:

– avoid over- buying and over-spending

– simplify your life with a smaller, more effective wardrobe

– learn the 3 simple keys to mix-and-match

– streamline your wardrobe to reduce clutter in your closet (and your life!)

– wear more, with less in your wardrobe!


Reduce fashion mistakes, declutter your wardrobe + declutter your life!


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Your book is an invaluable reference to those women (who much like me) struggle to put outfits together and who need that extra help. It is a book that all women should add to their style book collection and it will be the most used book now and in years from now guaranteed.

I love your new book! it all makes so much sense to me. I read it in one afternoon (today) and will take on board all of the fantastic information, a great clear, concise and wonderfully illustrated book. I would highly recommend it!!

Thank you so much, your book is fabulous. You are truly talented and have such a relaxed way about you. Not a bit pretentious. Keep up the great work, as you are helping so many women of all ages.

I just got your book for my birthday on Thursday (as requested to hubby) and wanted to say a big thanks! I read it within the day, and applied the principles today, with what I had on hand in my wardrobe – and one of the Mums at my daughter’s netball told me how impressed she was with how “put together” I looked! Score one for the Terrific Thirty!

Got the book and read it all!! It’s very practical and so well written, you made it nice and quirky very fresh and modern. Love it.