Shapewear Challenge 2012 – Days 5 – 8

PHEW. That’s all I can say after Sydney decided to go through a heatwave over the last few days. Right smack bang in the middle of my Great Shapewear Road Test of 2012!!!!

The extreme weather did actually put the Ambra shapewear through the ringer – and I’ve discovered it came through with flying colours as far as still being comfortable in the heat. The material (for those that have not touched shapewear in years…) has come a long way and it’s far more forgiving in the heat than traditional, MAMIL (middle-aged men in lycra) inspired, bicycle pant shapewear of old!

Most importantly, a lot of shapewear doesn’t look like underwear. They look like normal, everyday basics – so I embraced that and started to wear my shapewear as outerwear!

The heatwave over the weekend just called for a loose, flowing summer dress. It’s the kind of dress that we all have tucked away in the wardrobe for days exactly like this. The loose, shapeless style that we throw on while we desperately wait for that southerly wind to come and rescue us.

The trouble is many of these dresses are usually so flowy that it can show a little more skin than we would like and that’s where the shapewear came in. I wore both the Ambra strapless shaper and the underbust shaper top underneath my go-to racerback style summer dress. They both helped me to feel a little more confident and looked terrific peeking out from under my dress. I even went braless in the strapless top which was such a relief in the heat!!

So all in all, a full thumbs up for versatility folks!!!

Stay tuned for the LAST review coming in the next two days! Can you believe the Great Road Test is almost over???

Happy Styling xx

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