Shapewear Challenge 2012: Days 9 – 10 … the final post!

It’s hard to believe that the Great Shapewear Road Test of 2012 is actually over!!! Sadly all good things must come to an end but the good news for you (and me) is that you won’t have to be subjected to any more public images of my wobbly bits.

SO – to celebrate the last couple of days, I decided to wear my shapewear as fashion. In the previous post of this challenge you saw me wear my shapewear underneath a summer dress. This time I’ve taken it a step further and decided to make it a real part of my outfit.

I have owned a high waisted pair of denim shorts for a while now. It’s one of my dirty wardrobe secrets – the kind of thing I bought because I wished I had legs like Gisele Bunchen and could wear short shorts. Alas for me, my muffin top always said “no – you cannot [and should not] wear these shorts”. So in to the back of the wardrobe it went as something to wear when I am next painting the house or my next dress-up party.

Now take a look at them – with the Ambra Killer Figure Bodysuit on, I felt a little bit 70’s, a little bit Puberty Blues. So on the shorts went and I finished it with a bold coloured blazer. A perfect way to end this year’s Road Test.

What have I learnt?

  • Material for shapewear today is a lot more breathable and comfortable than when I first tried shapewear
  • I preferred full body shapewear, ie a full bodysuit or a full slip rather than just a top or half slip – I simply just felt more confident that way and didn’t have to worry about VPL
  • I have new admiration for shaper undies!!!!!!!! (Read my post on this which was my favourite of the whole road test!)

Thank you all for reading and thanks to Ambra for being game enough to let me road test their shape wear!

Happy styling xx

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