Style Inspiration: iCurvy: 28 Feb

Welcome to today’s Style Inspiration: iCurvy!

Jo blogs at iCurvy World – An inbetweenie blog where the clothes are fabulous and everyone is welcome.

She truly believes that size is no barrier to style, and shares her own journey of body acceptance as she tries different styles and trends to find what fits.

A new mum, Jo shares her style and adventures via Instagram , Facebook and on the blog at iCurvy World .

Jo spills the beans on her outfit:

image2 (6)

Over on my blog last week, we were talking about music festivals.

My band tees and rock singlets are all but boxed up and packed away as my time is taken up with being a mummy.

It got me all nostalgic and thinking about music festivals, bands, gigs, sweaty mosh pits, sunburn, blistering heat, soothing rain, dancing until I couldn’t dance anymore – all these fantastic memories tied to cheap band tshirts and singlets, boxed up, out of sight.

Sad face.

So, I pulled one out and decided to style it for my life now.


The Look

Just because I’m not jumping around in a mosh pit these days doesn’t mean I can’t wear these babies anymore!

image1 (7)


The Ripped Jeans

I’ve even decided to pair it with ripped jeans! Well, a very classy version –

the Anaconda White Slouch jeans from 17 Sundays.

image3 (5)

For a more ‘grown up’ look, I’ve gone for heels, and to bring this look right up to trend, these metallic block heel white sandals from Kmart did the trick.


The Accessories

image4 (2)

The metallic is mirrored in this satchel bag from Sportsgirl.

The shape of the satchel is perfect, an unstructured shape fits in perfectly with the relaxed fit of the jeans and rock singlet.

By pairing my singlet with ‘grown up’ and current pieces, my old rock festival clothes have a whole new, more sophisticated life…

And I get to remember the sights and sounds of festivals for years to come!


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