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Welcome to today’s Style Inspiration: The Real Woman!

Belinda from B Styles U believes in having good basics that work with the latest trends to create her own real style for her body. While some days she feels like “she has it all together” other days are a challenge because Belinda wears so many hats as a mum, wife, sister and friend all at once.


Belinda spills the beans on her outfit:



The Look

I happened to pop in David Lawrence just for a look around. Tried on a skirt I had seen online, it highlighted all the parts I like to hide, I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was disappointed.

Then I tried on this and it was a bit of a surprise outfit, nothing flash on the hanger.

The blue print did catch my eye. Put it on and bang – it was like wow! I also just happened to have my white shoes on that day.

When an outfit makes you feel that good after trying on something that made you want to fall on the floor with disappointment you don’t leave it behind you take it and wait for an occasion.

Christmas drinks with old friends was the perfect time.


The Accessories

White accessories was a no brainer. I did want to get the necklace right, it needed to be edgy and compliment the bold and contemporary print.

image (1)

I found this at Colette for $16.95 with the clutch bag for $19.95. The shoes I had just purchased at the beginning of summer from Williams footwear, the style is Balinda and they were $69.95.


What do you think about Belinda’s outfit?

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