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Welcome to today’s Style Inspiration: The Sassy Mama!

Lyn from The Wardrobe & Style Fix Co is an ex-party gal who at 30-something turned in to a mama and became frumpy when she was suddenly faced with the lifestyle shock of having a baby, post-baby weight and her emotions!!

She set out to rediscover and reinvent her personal style as a mum who is now sassy in FLATS.


Our “Sassy Mama” Lyn spills the beans on her outfit:

image1 (3)

When I was in my twenties, I would dress like every girl in the clubbing scene.

These outfits consist of:

  • uncomfortable tight fitting dresses,
  • you can almost see my bum short skirts
  • and the more skin aka cleavage shown, the better
  • and don’t forget those crazy high heels that gives you blisters for weeks!

Plus, this was an expensive lifestyle.

I would never wear the same outfit twice and would only go for acceptable brands.

I thought dressing this way would impress the guys but more importantly,

I would fit inâ with the social crowd I was hanging with.

These days, I’m having fun with fashion.

I’ve realised that I don’t need to be like everyone else, especially those girls.

I’m happier, richer (not really) and have a personal style that is ALL ME.


The Overalls or Dungaree

Wearing this actually gives me joy. It was one of my favourite things to wear when I was really young.

Bought from Big W, this Lee Cooper dungaree is a steal. [Now $30 from $45]

Lee Cooper’s overalls is definitely a modern fit and unlike the 90’s when they really baggy and unflattering.


image2 (3)


The Boyfriend Tank Top

During cool summer nights, I prefer pairing my outfit with a simple tank top.

Sportsgirl does really good basics with a bit of an edge to its design.


image3 (3)


What do you think about Lyn’s outfit?

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