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Welcome to today’s Style Inspiration: The Style Seeker!

As The Style Seeker, Brigette will find the most unique and beautiful way to walk this world so that you feel confident, stylish, brave and completely yourself a craft that she feels is absolutely worth the effort.


Our “Style Seeker” Brigette spills the beans on her outfit:

Outfit 13

We’re a few days in to this brand new year and I think it’s time to square up.


Take down the tinsel.

Put on a bra.

Wash the salt out of my hair and climb my way out of the Miller’s nightie that my Mum gave me for Christmas and come to terms with the slightly disturbing fact that I’ve actually enjoyed wearing a nightie from MILLER’S (aggghhhhh, I’ve hit the age!).


But I’ve loved seeing the year turn over this time.

Lying on the lounge out the back of my Mum’s place, listening to the fish belly-flop round the water and letting a sky full of new years stars burn promise into my skin until the sun began to rise.

Think about what last year offered and make some good decisions about what’s possibly about to come.


And I need to clean up.

Get rid of anything and everything that annoys me or doesn’t have a designated place to live.


Un-stuff the cupboards.

Toss out all the bra’s that I hate.

Clean out the fridge.

Put a little zen around my being. Pay myself some attention and see what kind of woman I am capable of being this year.


Creation, inspiration and clarity come to mind as I reel through my list of desires.

And I wish this upon you too.


A new year brings an invitation to pitch yourself a little higher, be a little braver and look at the world with wider brighter eyes.

Get out the good cutlery and use it everyday I say.


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