Style Inspiration : The Style Seeker : 21 Jan


Welcome to today’s Style Inspiration: The Style Seeker!

As The Style Seeker, Brigette will find the most unique and beautiful way to walk this world so that you feel confident, stylish, brave and completely yourself a craft that she feels is absolutely worth the effort.


Our “Style Seeker” Brigette spills the beans on her outfit:

Outfit 15 - Farrah

Oh how I idolized this woman.


Her name is Farrah Fawcett and she was one of Charlie’s Angels and I loved her.

She had big American flicky hair and eyes so clear and blue that you nearly fell in with admiration.

She was sexy and 70’s and could fight like the devil in heels.

I will wear you on my top anyday Farrah because I still think you’re cool and will secretly always want to be you (via my 10 year old selfs 70’s perception of women).

This is the first half of my $12 purchase whilst trying to find kids swimmers in an outlet centre at the end of summer…nightmare.

I exchanged the mighty sum of $2 for this top and went wild and spent 10 bucks on the shoes.


The Shoes

Because my quest to train my recent self to walk in heels continues, I thought I’d take the risk and I particularly liked this shade of blue.

Outfit 15-shoes


 The Accessories

So because I know that each and every one of you has a hat rack pinned to their walls (not) why the hell not wear one every now and again.

It’s a working part of our house this rack and I doubt I’d function without it.

Outfit 15 - Hats


 So put it all together and whataya got?

Outfit 15

…a woman at the end of school holidays.


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