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Welcome to today’s Style Inspiration: The Style Seeker!

As The Style Seeke, Brigette from The Style Council will find the most unique and beautiful way to walk this world so that you feel confident, stylish, brave and completely yourself a craft that she feels is absolutely worth the effort.


Our “Style Seeker” Brigette spills the beans on her outfit:

Outfit 12

Christmas is such a beautiful and overwhelming time.

It’s the final race to the finish line where you just need to go like the clappers, feel a bit insane and know deep down that you will get all the presents bought, food made, house cleaned, children entertained and worked wrapped up for the year.


But I have to admit this year feels a little different. The terrible siege that occurred happened here in Sydney, affected not only the nation but the world.

I feel in constant mourning for the immediate families and friends of the victims of that unbelievable day but at the same time overwhelmed at the incredible human response to this event.


It’s like a shower of love has swept over us and our determination to find a collective, soulful way to dissipate the consequences of one man’s act has been created.

It’s bought to light the absolute power of love and our right to feel nurtured and respected and supported in this life that we live.


We must get back to basics.

See the humanity within each other and begin to understand more.

Maintain our respect for each other at every level and unite against forces that do not bring content to the amazing multi-cultural community that we are lucky enough to have in this country.


Be yourself.

Stand up for who you are and express it to the best of your abilities.

Be bold and brave as women and let’s teach our sons and daughters everything we know.

Inspire them to learn and grow up with a solid sense of who they are and encourage them to bring what they can as individuals.


Be powerful and brave all in the same breath as as we walk towards the end of the year and be kind to yourself.

Forget about what you don’t have and make good what you’ve got.

Be proud of where you’ve come from and look forward to where you’re going.


Wear something patterned that you can spill food all over while you roll around the lounge room floor… laughing & tickling your beautiful kids!

May tomorrow be a time of rest and peace no matter where your belief systems lie.

It’s time to look after each other.


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  1. Nita Cahill December 30, 2014 at 12:20 am - Reply

    I like Brigett dress.
    I don’t think the jeans underneath the dress go together or the sandles.
    If I were to put something under the dress, it would be leggins and the sandles could be a bit of a wedge heal or strappy and a bit more elegant.

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