The 3 Best Body Confidence Boosters

Let’s face it ladies, there will be days when we just need a little body confidence boost!

Whether it was that 3-course dinner with the hubby or the girls the night before, you’re having a bad hair day or you’re just not feeling your “za za zhou”,  here are 3 easy tips to get instant body confidence.




In a world filled with black as a staple, colour is completed under-rated. Yet vibrant colour can lift your mood in a heart beat.

So if you have a particular colour that you love, don’t be shy and WEAR IT!!!

Whether it’s that sexy red dress that makes you feel like Beyonce, or a fun yellow blazer that never fails to brighten up your day at the office, throw it on either by itself or create a mood-lifting ensemble!


Turquoise Tote from Tilkah and Cape Sleeve Top from Cue

The best thing about colour is that it doesn’t have to be limited to clothes. Accessories in vivid colours help finish a look, is a quick and easy way to lift the soul AND ooomphs up that outfit.

If you’re not confident with colour, use it in tiny little “pops” – for example in a necklace, a bag, scarf or even just a blouse peeking out from underneath a blazer.




OK, not a newsflash but seriously – what would we do without shoes?

Shoes are every woman’s secret obsession and as we all know, they fit us no matter what our size! 🙂

So if you have a fave pair lurking in the closet, or just want to treat yourself with a new pair, bust out your heels (or flats!) today!

My favourite are these wedges below – they lift my height, are easy and comfortable to walk around in AND as a bonus, they’re in a great colour.

When you slip on your favourite pair of shoes, whether it’s your favourite pair of black pumps or that elegant pair of sandals, you walk a little taller and rock that tush a little more. And that is express confidence!



Embellished Sandals from Forever New



Positive attitude

Finally – and most importantly – NOTHING beats a positive attitude.

In my line of work, I am so aware that most women will focus on size, and letting it get them down if they’re not at their “perfect” size.

I know I don’t have a body that will bounce back from kids (hello, Kate Middleton) or supermodel height (Gisele, I love you but hate you all at once) but what I do have isn’t all bad. Most importantly – it has served me well so far and is HEALTHY.



We need to recognize that we’re all different and love the tiny quirks that make us all special and unique. ALWAYS focus on the good. We’re often so good at emphasising the flaws that we fail to see the amazing aspects we have right NOW.

If YOU embrace and love what you see in the mirror, everyone else will follow. So with big hugs and body boosting high-fives, happy styling!


Until next time, stay stylishly happy!






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  1. Jess November 6, 2015 at 3:21 pm - Reply

    LOVE your platforms! Great tips! I always need an excuse for more shoes!

    • Team Wendy Mak November 9, 2015 at 1:23 am - Reply

      Oh so glad you love them and thank you for reading!!!! Here’s to more shoes for all of us 🙂 xx Wendy

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