Therese Kerr – Stop Doing, Start Being

Written by Wendy Mak


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Another early morning, another 50% make up job and rushed blow dry. But in spite of the (very) limited getting-ready time, I was pumped.

I was going to hear Miranda Kerr’s mum speak.

Except I quickly realised she wasn’t just someone’s mum.

Therese Kerr is a woman unto her own. A mother, yes. But also a business woman, organic + wellness ambassador and a passionate lover of life.

Today, this is what Therese Kerr had to say at the League Of Extraordinary Women breakfast in Sydney (huge shout out to the League by the way).


1. Stop doing, start being.

You might be thinking “say what??” – but when Therese explained it, it made total sense.
You see we’re all so busy, we often just become human’s “doing” and not “being”.

Take the time out to “be”, be aware of your present moment and consciously enjoy & embrace your life.


2. Don’t take things personally

I’ll bet there isn’t a woman out there who HASN’T taken something someone has said to us a little personally.

(And if there’s anyone who would know about this it would be Therese and her family.)

So much is often said to us. Some things consciously, others are careless comments (although that doesn’t hurt any less).

Either way, don’t take it personally. Don’t allow comments to consume you. Words are not reality.


3. Our thoughts are not reality

I’ve got to say, this one hit home big time.

Therese summed it up beautifully, “our mind and body are real. Our thoughts are not. They’re just words created by man that we use against ourselves.”

And BOOM!!! Right there is the reason why we tell ourselves we can’t, we mustn’t, we couldn’t and all the other crap thoughts we serve up to ourselves on a daily basis.

Guess what? It’s only real if you let it become reality.


4. Everything you need is totally within you.

That’s right. Stop validating yourself and your purpose, by needing others to accept you, by needing to be in a relationship, by seeking your significant someone’s approval.

The only person you need to please and worry about is yourself.
And then you’ll find everything you need within you.


There were SO many little gems that Therese shared today, it was hard to pick just a handful (another notable mention – women with grace & dignity will transform the world).

The bottom line is this – this is a woman who truly radiated joy, peace and gratitude. What a way to be and what a way to start the day.

I think the final word goes to Therese when she said, “Open your heart to others – and hearts will open up to you.”

Too right.







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