5 Fool-proof tips on taking the perfect selfie

The selfie.

Even if you aren’t addicted to daily selfies – we’ve all taken some. Whether you’ve been travelling alone, taken a selfie with your daughter, or like me – enjoy a little Instagram loving, it’s hard to escape the selfie pic.


So for the perfect selfie, try these tips below:



It’s all about light

One of the most important things to remember when taking a selfie ( or a photo in general ) is to be in very good light. If you’re shooting outdoors, make sure you’re taking the photo facing the light and not against it.

A dark photo ruins the shot, and while you can do a little photo editing to lighten it, it’s incredibly difficult to recover from. This is especially so if you are pictured half in the light and half in the shadows (such as in the photo below).


This photo was unsalvageable as the light was all wrong.  



Background check!

A good rule of thumb is if you’re wearing something that’s coloured, detailed or quite the standout, stand in front of a clean background so your outfit pops. Equally, if you have something on that’s clean, simple or in a fairly plain colour, then keep an eye out for a interesting background to help keep the shot visually attractive.


This photo was let down by my white blouse blending with the white wall – the result is a little bit of a boring selfie. I tried to add some colour with the balloons, but it would have been better to find a new background.


This plain black blazer and pants combo benefits from a fun, interesting + colourful background in this pic!



Get the right gear

Sometimes, the best selfie is all about being able to get the right angle. And that involves not having an awkward arm sticking out to hold your phone in front of you! This is where the right gear can help.

While selfie-sticks are incredibly popular at the moment, I’ve discovered little remotes for your phone, like this one from Shutterball (there are other options you can find on eBay or the web). This allows me to get different angles and better pictures (you can either hold your phone, or place it on a tripod).

Screen Shot 2016-05-08 at 6.24.20 pm

Getting a remote clicker to take your photos gives you a lot more options!



Options, Options, Options!

Even Kate and Naomi can’t take the perfect photo with just one take!

When taking selfies, the golden rule is to click, click, click and then click some more! The more options you have, the better chances for us to find “the one”!

Take photos from different angles or various backgrounds just to give yourself plenty of options to choose from in the end. Plus, you’ll be amazed at how many “out-takes” you need before you actually get into the “right” position for that perfect (as seen by my before and after photos below!!!)

16 05 07 Outtakes

Out-takes!!!! The photos on the left is me losing my balance, before finding my position for the shot – the key to keep on clicking until you get the right pose!



Learn the value of editing

When it comes to selfies, learning how to do some basic edits is a life-saver.

On the desktop (or for “heavy” editing) I use editing tools such as Canva or Picmonkey to enhance my photo and give a little extra oomph, to fix a little blemish, improve lighting, even give myself a spray tan!

On the go, I use the Photo Editor app to make minor adjustments including light, colour and saturation – for example, the photos below show the difference by using the Photo Editor app when I was out for lunch a few weeks ago.

Just make sure to keep the editing in moderation – we still want to look like ourselves and not a totally different person in our selfie!!

Tips on Taking the Perfect Selfie

A few quick steps in my photo editor app and this photo is transformed!


So keep these tips in mind and remember to have FUN when taking these selfies. Because when you’re truly smiling in your selfie, the world ( or social media ) smiles back at you.


Stylishly Yours,






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