True Face Of Entrepreneurship – Robyn Foyster

Written by Wendy Mak


Continuing my series on mental wellbeing for women entrepreneurs (you can find out more about this initiative by reading my open letter to entrepreneurs) I sit down in this interview to get real and honest with Robyn Foyster – publisher of The Carousel.

As solo-entrepreneurs we’re faced with a certain set of challenges. But when you have investors and a team, the challenges take on a whole new level.


Robyn lifts the lid on what it’s been like to “start over” — leaving a high powered role at Bauer Media to create and start her own digital lifestyle website The Carousel. And not all days have been an easy ride.

What I learnt from Robyn

I love Robyn’s insights because it’s the kind of practical, useful stuff that every business woman just needs to know. Here’s a quick snapshot:

1. Be resilient when you get knock backs.

You won’t win every pitch or client – and that doesn’t make you a failure. Just ensure you focus on the ones you DO win and have enough in your “pipeline” to cover the ones you don’t win.

2. Whatever you anticipate your start-up costs to be – double it.

3. Build in extra time in to your schedule when you’re building a new business.

Things have a habit of taken longer than you think.

4. Cash is king.

Clients don’t always pay on time, so make sure you have the cash flow you need.


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The True Face Of Entrepreneurship



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