3 Ways To Ensure Your Ideas Are A Success

Written by: Wendy Mak


If you’re anything like me – you’ve got one too many ideas for your business (or a new business!) floating around in your head.

But before you go ahead and invest too much time (or money!) in developing the idea, what can you do to ensure that your idea turns in to a success?



Make Friends With Google

It’s amazing what you can uncover when you do just a bit of Googling!! One of my favorite tools as of the moment is Google Trends.

Just punch in keywords related to your new idea and Google Trends will show the popularity of the search terms over a period of time.

While not a fool-proof method by any means, this a good way to get a quick snapshot of what people are interested in at the moment.



Go Straight To The Source

What to know what people want? Ask them.

Survey your existing database – ask them which of the new ideas they may be interested in. Find people that might fit the bill of your target audience and float the idea past them.

While you don’t want to disclose all of your IP, you need to share enough so they can give you some good solid feedback as to whether that would be a product they’d be interested in.

Use Survey Monkey which is an easy free online tool, or go the old fashion traditional way -I’m always floating new concepts (even asking “how much would you pay for XYZ”) with people I meet at networking events or other catch ups!



Pre-Sell Your Idea!

I love this last one.

Offer your existing clients your new product or service to buy in advance. Since it is an advance purchase, offer the new product or service at a super special price. They get an exclusive price for jumping on board early and you get a strong indication as to whether there is any real tangible interest!

And there’s nothing like a few pre-sales to spur you in to action and creating your new product! If there isn’t strong interest – refund anyone who has purchased – and focus your time and effort on another idea instead.


As always, I love hearing from you – how do you decide what to work on? Share any of your tips below and / or just say hello!






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  1. Julie Lamont August 29, 2014 at 10:06 am - Reply

    That was wonderful Wendy. I have never thought to do a survey, thanks as always for great ideas and the help you give us all with these videos!

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