Your Step by Step Wardrobe Decluttering Cheatsheet

Ever tried to tackle a cleanse and a re-organisation of your wardrobe, only to find that you’ve barely made a dent because you can’t seem to let things go?

Despite the best of intentions, decluttering our wardrobes can be overwhelming. Although it might seem like it’s “just clothes”, most of us have a lot of emotion for our physical possessions, especially our clothes!

How often have you tried to throw out something you haven’t worn in ages, only to keep it again by saying to yourself that:

  • it might be fashionable again (not long now for glomesh tank tops to be in vogue once more!!)
  • fit you again some day like a Christmas miracle
  • even though you’ve NEVER found something to wear with it, you should still keep it
  • “you just never know when I might need this”

If this sounds familiar then today is your lucky wardrobe day because I’ve developed a handy little print and keep guide to decluttering your wardrobe.

This step by step guide is an easy to follow infographic.

Simply ask yourself these six key questions (in order!) and follow the cheatsheet below based on your answers. Simples! 🙂


Click on the image below to open up a larger size graphic:


Your Step by Step Guide To Decluttering Your Wardrobe


In summary, here are the six key questions to ask yourself when you are decluttering your wardrobe:


Decluttering Your Wardrobe Made Easy!Do I love it?

Answer this question as quickly as possible.

We want your pure gut emotion and not let the guilt set in, hindering the entire process.

Go through your pieces one by one and rate them from 1 to 10. Then keep only the pieces you rated 7 or higher – let’s set your wardrobe standards high!


PrettifulDesignsMonthStickersWinterberries2Is it in good condition?

You have to be perfectly objective about this.

Is the garment in tip top shape? Are there any holes or unstitched hems?

Good condition doesn’t only include the stitching and integrity of the fabric, it also means looking at the colour, the details and adornments and the structure. If it is beyond simple repair, consider moving it on.


PrettifulDesignsMonthStickersWinterberries3Is it representative of me and my lifestyle?

This is a CRITICAL question to ask yourself.

Sometimes we bought pieces just because they were on sale and you thought someday you might wear them.

Or, perhaps yes those hot pants worked when you were 21, super skinny, ate carbs and went night clubbing – but not anymore.

Our lifestyles can also change – if you are a full time mum now, there’s no need to hang on to your work wardrobe (trust me the fashions will have changed and you’ll want a wardrobe refresh when you go back to work!)

All of these items take up room and it may be time to acknowledge that you’ll never wear them because they no longer represent you and the lifestyle that you lead.


PrettifulDesignsMonthStickersWinterberries4Does it flatter me?

Fit is one of the most common reasons that clothes lie unworn in our wardrobes,

The point here isn’t whether you have lost or gained weight – your size or weight aren’t the issue here, but ensuring you’re wearing clothes that best fit you for your present shape is.

Ask yourself if you look good in it and importantly – if it makes you feel confident wearing it!! If not, time to move that piece on.


PrettifulDesignsMonthStickersWinterberries5Would I buy it today?

Would you buy it today? This is an oft under rated question to ask yourself.

While something might fit and be in good condition, this question is in essence asking yourself if it’s relevant and stylish in today’s fashion?

If it doesn’t , then you know what to do!


PrettifulDesignsMonthStickersWinterberries6 copy

Does it have a friend?

When decluttering your wardrobe it’s essential to know that every item you own has a “friend” to pair it with in the wardrobe.

Something that is great on its own but not versatile enough to be paired with anything else and / or if you simply just don’t own anything to wear with it will continue to lie there unworn…. sad and friendless!


With those questions asked and hopefully actioned on, you should be well on your way to a cleansed wardrobe!

You can download the Cheatsheet here and I’d love to hear if following this has given you additional freedom and space in your wardrobe!


With wardrobe happiness,






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